Jan 042013

Have you made New Year’s resolutions yet?  It’s time to change them to commitments.

Local governments pass resolutions regularly.  Last week, I heard a resolution written by a church committee which I still don’t understand.  Resolutions sound impressive and they direct attention in honorable directions, but their worth is sometimes debatable.  How many of us have made the same resolution year after year, only to forget about it after a few weeks.

Resolutions keep you in thought.  They’re not inherently bad, but they’re not enough.  They don’t have any real teeth.

Commitments keep you in action.  They’re purposeful.  They lead to measurable outcomes.  There are consequences to not keeping them.  You’ve made a promise to someone.

Leadership and commitment go hand in hand.

For some ideas on where to start, check out this week’s edition of Leader Up! e-zine… http://icont.ac/1tt32 

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