Stella Woitulewicz helps her clients get away from “busy-ness” and get down to business. By applying improvisation principles and techniques used for the stage, clients improve their focus and their presence so they become strong leaders and team members who welcome the rewards of which they are so worthy.

A former corporate misfit with a stable, responsible accounting career, Stella had a gut feeling she was in the wrong career and that education was her true calling. She went back to school, and, acting on the advice of a professor, received a M.Ed. focused on designing training for adult learners.

For the first time Stella found her groove, and her place in the world. She became a trainer of adult volunteers for a youth organization, and eventually an instructor of trainers and training designer. And yet, in spite of her new knowledge, skills and success, she continued with accounting, denying reality even though her physical health was suffering and she thought she was going out of her mind.

On a whim, she took a class in improvisation and was hooked. To her surprise, she let go of stress and was able to get ‘out of her head’, which transformed her. Among other changes, she began to live in the present, acknowledge her ill-fitting career, and see beyond corporate life. Finally, she took a deep breath and told her supervisor she would gladly leave the company under the right conditions, which she did!

Today she helps fits and misfits find their own groove and make their best impact in the workplace and beyond.  Her workshops, webinars, and coaching help them to:

  • Stay in the moment
  • Use their senses
  • Trust their gut
  • Build relationships
  • Let go of plans
  • Give and receive gifts, and, most importantly,
  • Say “Yes, and” …all in a joyful, relaxed, and engaging atmosphere.

Stella and her husband live in Detroit and have three grown children.  She enjoys and is active in community theatre.

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