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Stella-W (the W stands for Woitulewicz) is the Chief Learning Officer of Stella-W & Associates.  Stella left her 26-year career in corporate accounting to follow her lifelong passion for learning and performance.  When she left the company, she was already fulfilling her passion as a volunteer trainer for a youth organization.

Stella thrives on seeing or hearing the room light up when people grasp a new concept or make a new connection.  She enjoys helping people identify their strengths and use them to design an environment that invigorates them and makes them stronger.

The path Stella took to get to this place uniquely qualifies here for what she does.  She holds a B.A. in Business Administration, with a focus in accounting, and a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, with a focus on designing instruction for adult learners.  In preparation for the Master’s program, Stella took classes in Developmental Psychology and The Psychology of Learning, which provided her with a theoretical foundation.

While still in the corporate world, Stella received focused improvement and Six Sigma Green Belt training as well as training on presentation, communication, coaching and counseling and leadership skills.  She served on multiple employee involvement committees and project teams.

After Stella left corporate, she enrolled in, and completed, CoachU’s virtual training program.  This supplemented the training she had already received in coaching staff.  She then completed programs to provide feedback on the DISC assessment and on The Highlands Ability Battery.

Stella is also a graduate of the Second City Conservatory.  She completed both the amateur and professional programs in improvisation, and she also completed the writing program.

Stella’s love for performance extends into the theatre.  She has worked with a few local theaters and stays involved both on stage and behind the scenes.  This includes working with puppets.  And, she took her first dance lesson at, well, a few decades beyond the typical starting time.

If you want to see Stella sparkle, ask her about the role of improvisation in everyday life!

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