The Way We Do What We Do


We offer presentations, virtual training, and live workshops.  Everything we do is learner-centered in order to maximize return on your investment, especially your time.

We focus on applied improvisation, taking skills used by artists, musicians, and craftspersons and developing them in your unique business setting.

From our perspective, the skills can be summed up like this, in no specific order of importance:
  • Give and Take (the Lead)
  • Stay in the Moment
  • Yes and… / No Denial
  • Listen for and Accept Gifts
  • It’s All About the Relationship
  • Have a Point of View
  • What Makes This Different

Although laughter is certainly encouraged (when it’s appropriate), this is not about being funny.  In fact, improvisation itself isn’t about being funny.  It’s about showing up, being in the moment, commitment, and, above all, relationships.

Here’s some information about us.

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